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STEM Girls’ Advocate | 05

Saki Milton

She’s the founder of a group called GEMS Camp—she turned her passion for math into a STEM-focused camp for girls, particularly girls living in urban neighborhoods. Her vision is to instill confidence in urban teen girls in five core areas–academics, career, creativity, leadership, and service– so that they’ll be successful in STEM studies and future careers.

Saki’s got a great story, because even though her program began and continues to flourish in the Dallas, Texas area, she now lives in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, on the Persian Gulf, where she hopes to take what she started on a global scale and bring STEM camps for girls in the Middle East.

She does fascinating, life-changing work to encourage young teen girls—especially vulnerable ones in urban environments—and encourages them in the joy, necessity, and know-how of STEM fields. Saki loves what she does.



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